1854 - 1989

Tremont Presbyterian Church is a long standing community of believers who have struggled and still continue to fight the good fight of faith in serving God's people. There is no doubt that the early years were challenging but it was also a period of growth and enthusiasm evidenced by the ardent need to relocate. In the Spring of 1854, a small group of people started a house meeting in the home of Mr. & Mrs. James Noe which was located at Washington Avenue and 175th street. The congregants met on a regular basis for prayer under the leadership of Rev. L.C. Lockwood. As they faithfully prayed, they continued the house meetings until November 8, 1854 at which time the Presbytery of New York City met with the group in a school house and organized the Union Church of Upper Morrisania, a name which was eventually changed to Tremont Presbyterian Church. Tremont Presbyterian Church continued her mission for Christ as a member of the Presbytery when there were only twenty three charter members.

In June of 1856, a call was extended to the Rev. James C. Wallace to become the first Pastor. In conjunction with the call of Reverend Wallace, efforts were made to amass funds to purchase centrally located building for the Church. In1860,  Union Church of Morrisania now known as Tremont Presbyterian Church erected it's house of worship on the West side of Washington Avenue, North of 174th street. The Rev. Wallace's team continued here untill 1860 when he was succeeded by the Rev. James Morton. It was decided to change the name of the Church from Church of Upper Morrisania to the First Presbyterian Church of Tremont. This was done, and things moved along well.

In 1914, the Church extension Committee of the Presbytery of New York City purchased the property at 1954 Grand Concourse and erected the building which the Church now occupies. The official dedication of the building was done on October 24, 1915. There were no further changes to the building until 1963 when new additions were completed. The Presbytey played a major role insetting up the building providing fifty percent funding for the new project.

Fouteen Ministers served ranging from one year to thirty three years from 1854 to 1989. Looking back at the dates of service of Pastor's George Nixon and Henry Hartmen, it is evident that the Church had a long period of stability as both ministers served for 33 and 25 years respectively, a total of 57 years. Other Ministers worked for a number of years while Tremont went through her transition until 1989 when stability became a thing of the past.

1989 to present

In 1989, the real challenge began when Tremont had to turn to Presbytery of New York City for Supply Pastors to fill her pulpit. It was during this trying period that the search for a Pastor began. Tremont remained strong and determined to fight the good fight of faith and in the light of the fact that the Rev. Dr. Errol S. Yarru was called to serve from 2002 when he became a temporary half-time Pastor with a total of 41 members. Tremont PC continued the struggle and in 2006, Rev. Yarru was appointed to a permanent half-time position. Today, with enthusiasm and growing awareness of the Minister and Session concerning the needs of the Church, Tremont continues the journey toward a very strong and vibrant spirit-led Church whose membership stands at over 100.

This is a new era for Tremont PC; She was without leadership for 14 years and today, the Church is marching on in victory. With the introduction of several new areas of Ministry, the Church has developed the potential to become a spiritual giant for God. This new era began with the addition of a Young Adult Group, A Youth Group, Singles Group and Marriage Enrichment Group all designed to take care of both the spiritual and social needs of members. Tremont moves on into the future with a Sunday School growing from 3 students to over 30 on some Sundays. God has risen up a number of inspired, talented and determined people to continue working through periods of adversity to build a Church where all are welcomed with love.

Long live Tremont Presbyterian Church.

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