The Children's Ministry seeks to cater to the needs of kids with age appropriate lessons and activities. By implementing a grouping system that enables the Teachers to tailor their lessons to the individual groups they teach, the Children's Ministry is doing very well and imparting lots of valuable lessons and building a solid religious and educational background for these future leaders of society. Kids are continuously encouraged to excel with their school work by recognizing their achievements during "Time with the Children" which is held every Sunday during the Adult Service and prior to their class downstairs.

Snack time remains one of the highlights every Sunday, where they can sit after all the activities and enjoy some well-deserved snacks. Children learn new songs and take part in activities including memory verses, skits, etc. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to Church regularly in an effort to prepare them for God's work.

At the end of the year, the kids are presented with age appropriate toys and other gifts for the holidays.

It is worth mentioning here that the Children's Ministry has been blessed with the support, it has and continues to receive, from the Elaine and Hanserd Harrison's Memorial Foundation which was specifically set up for them.

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